Push Bike National Championships 2019

Terms And Conditions For Push Bike National Championships 2019

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1. Open to all children of Malaysian citizens 2 years to 6 years only (By Year of Birth).

2. Participants are required to use their own push bike. However, participants are allowed to share push bike with siblings who also participate in contests with conditions not in the same category.

3. Participants shall wear protective gear such as helmet, gloves, elbow and knee protection and wear appropriate shoes.

4. Participants’ clothing should be appropriate to the race.

5. Handle bar length should be below 450mm only. If long please cut before the race.

6. Bolt nut hub must be 20mm long only

7. For safety purposes, the guard is required to ensure that the participant and the pushbike used to comply with the rules set.

8. The category of competition is according to the year of birth of the participant.

9. Competitions are held by Group Filter, Race Repeat, Semi-Final and Final.

10. The Secretariat reserves the right not to allow any participant to enter the competition track if it fails to meet the prescribed conditions.

11. Guardians are required to register participants before entering the competition track.

12. The guardian is required to show the participants of MyKid for verification and identity purposes.

13. Participants are to be able to finish the race without the help of the guardians.

14. Guardians are not allowed on the track during the competition and are strongly encouraged to respect each other.

15. The organizer reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this competition at any time, if it thinks fit and necessary.

16. The decision of the referee and the organizer is final.

  • Category
    1. 2 Years
    2. 3-4 Years Boys
    3. 3-4 Years Girls
    4. 5-6 Years Boys
    5. 5-6 Years Girls


Jul 07 2019


8:00 am - 2:00 pm



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